iOS Device to Mac/PC

You can use an iOS device to write the Air Chalk content, and use a computer to show the content to your audience. The iOS device and computer communicate through your local Wi-Fi network or direct ad hoc wireless network.

Note that Bluetooth is not supported when connecting to a computer.
(1) The iOS device running Air Chalk. This device serves as the drawing board and controller during your presentation.
(2) Wi-Fi connection to a computer. Air Chalk supports both shared Wi-Fi connection and ad hoc Wi-Fi connection. Bluetooth is not supported in this case.
(3) A computer running Air Chalk. The computer can run either Mac OS X or Windows.
(4) Video cable that connects to an external display to show the Air Chalk content.
(5) External display that shows your chalk board. For instance, you can use a digital projector.

On the Computer ...

First, download the free Air Chalk server to your computer from Air Chalk supports both Windows and MAC OS X.
Then, make sure your iOS device and the computer are on the same Wi-Fi network. If you don’t have a shared Wi-Fi network, you can create an ad hoc wireless network. To create an ad hoc network, go to the “Ad Hoc Network” menu from Air Chalk application on your computer for further instruction.
Once the network is set up, connect your computer to an external display (such as a projector). Run Air Chalk on the computer, and select the external display to show the content.

On the iOS Device ...

Go to the Wi-Fi settings of the device, and make sure the device is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your computer.
Run Air Chalk on the iOS device, and it should atomatiically find your computer and connect to it. Click the “i” button to access the Options menu and select “Remote”. Make sure it is connected to the computer. You can alternatively select a different computer from the menu.