Two iOS Devices

You can use two iOS devices together with Air Chalk, one for displaying, and the other for writing. This set up will give you better mobility during your presentation.
(1) The first iOS device running Air Chalk app. This device serves as the drawing board and controller during your presentation.
(2) Wireless connection between the two iOS devices. Air Chalk supports both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection.
(3) A second iOS device also running Air Chalk. This device is connected to an external display.
(4) Accessory cable that connects the iOS device to an external display. Depending on your external display, you will need Apple Digital AV Adapter (which supports HDMI) or Apple VGA Adapter. Those adapter cables are available at Apple Store. After you connect the cable, Air Chalk will automatically find your external display.
(5) External display that shows your chalk board. For instance, you can use a digital projector.
You can check the display connection from Air Chalk: tap on the "i" button to show the Options screen, and select the "Display" tab.

On the Second iOS Device ...

Connect it to your external display. Run Air Chalk on it. Click the “i” button to access the Options menu and select “Local”. Make sure local Air Chalk server is on.

On the First iOS Device ...

Run Air Chalk on it, and it will automatically find your first iOS device and connect to it. Click the “i” button to access the Options menu and select “Remote”. Make sure it is connected to the first iOS device. You can alternatively select a different iOS device from the menu.

Bluetooth Connection

The two iOS devices communicate wirelessly via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. So, please make sure the devices are on a shared Wi-Fi network, or have Bluetooth enabled from the device's Settings.